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Back At The Horse Farm

I’m finally getting to post some pictures up of this job. I worked quite a while at this home and then I went right into a few more jobs so I couldn’t get my pictures sorted and sized for my Blog. I do not have all of them ready but I think this sampling will be plenty.

Considering the walls and rooms look pretty easy, the job was a bit slow. All the rooms had major wall prep issues to deal with. The main areas and halls had textured, glossy paint on them and the paper for those areas was very thin. That wallcovering also needed to be hand trimmed on both sides, which is a slow process. The bedrooms and baths had paper on them that did not want to come off. I took care of each room in the way that best suited the situation and hung lining paper in every one of them before installing any of the wallpapers.

The paper used in both foyer areas and all the hallways is by ‘JuJu Papers’. This pattern is Sisters Of The Sun and the colorway is gold on cream. Owner Avery Thatcher is wonderful to work with and shipped very quickly, considering this is a hand printed material and made to order. Please check out the website if you are looking for some eclectic patterns that will go with almost any décor or style.

JuJu Papers is environmentally responsible in every possible way.

My client thought her rooms looked very ‘happy’ when all the papers were up. I think she’s right!




2015-08-27 006  6HallsRanch 1


HallwaysRanch 2     HallwaysRanch 1


6HallsRanch 3a


Before-FoyerRanch sm    2FoyerB4Ranch


2FoyersRanch i 2FoyersRanch F 2FoyersRanch E 2FoyersRanch d 2FoyersRanch c 2FoyersRanch b 2FoyersRanch 11 2FoyersRanch 9 2FoyersRanch 8 2FoyersRanch 4a 2FoyersRanch 1


REDbedroom 9

Above is the paper that was on the bedroom walls prior to the red pattern.

REDbedroom tv REDbedroom k REDbedroom g REDbedroom c

REDbedroom 5 REDbedroom 1


BLACKbath 2      BLACKbath 1

REDbath f REDbath c REDbath 7 REDbath 6 REDbath 4 REDbath 3


‘Hip Hop Grill’ 54″ Vinyl In A Theater Room

All of the walls were textured heavily, and painted, which required lots of priming and floating. The material is a heavy type ll commercial grade vinyl. It comes in 54” wide bolts and is sold by the yard. A 30 yard bolt is usually the largest size packaged at once. If you need 45 yards you would be sent a 30 yard and a 15 yard bolt. However they are not only wide but fairly heavy, making it difficult to handle. Normally you have to overlap the edges and, in this case, match it up precisely, then cut away the excess and make sure the seams go together without showing. To make it a bit more challenging, the instructions called for reversing each strip. Because it’s a geometric pattern I had other challenges as well. Of course there is much more to it which is why a professional installer is mandatory.

To sum it all up: my client’s theater room looks amazing and this pattern will be relevant for years to come.

Latasha and Tim if you read this I want you to know all my wallcovering friends really liked this material and the way your room turned out. Great choice!

I loved working for you – thanks for making my job a joy.

1 HipHop 14 1 HipHop 13 1 HipHop 15 1 HipHop 10 1 HipHop 8

The wall below is the one that was added to transform the room from an open game room into a theater room. If I can get pictures once the room is completed I will add them to my Blog at that time.

The furniture was moved out into the hall.

*The furniture was moved out into the hall to make it easier for me to get around and set up my equipment. .

From Dark Stripes to A Light Grey Hall Bath

This was a fairly straight-forward paper to hang. The stripe was previously installed in the sink area along with the faux finish blue which had been hung in the tub area.. I soon got rid of those! Having both areas done in the same paper makes the bathroom look larger and less chopped up.

The updated look is very nice and gives this bathroom a totally different, more contemporary feel.

Material Information: Graham & Brown, Mercutio Plain – Grey

My clients were sooo nice….they even gave me fresh ground coffee to take home 🙂


small Joell 5    small Joell 7 small Joell 4   small Joell 6


(I had to place some folded material under the light fixture while the paper dried so the weight of the fixture did not mark the paper.)

GrayVinyl front small 0844  small 0843 small 0840 small 0834 small 0832

Revisiting The Horse Farm’s Master Bath

A while ago I posted some photos of a job I had finished at a Horse Farm near me.

The room originally had glossy, lime green paint on the upper third of the walls and was covered with chicken wire. In farm-house fashion and with the bead board below, it was an eclectic mix of kitsch and country.

Here is the link to those pictures:

When I began tearing off the chicken wire and needed my wire cutter…and work gloves (which I had left at home), I REALLY began to think it should not be changed out.

Well, the deed was done and the new Ralph Lauren paper went up. Because it was an Equestrian themed paper it definitely fit the décor and gave the space a more formal feel.

It is sometimes difficult to see the whole ‘picture’ when everything in the room is still in disarray, but this is how I usually walk off a job. The furniture is put back, the window treatments rehung and all the accessories are displayed after I am gone.

When they called me back to measure for some more work recently, I asked the homeowner’s permission to take some pictures of the room all dressed out. I am so glad I got to share these because she is an awesome decorator – worthy of Southern Living Magazine – don’t you think?

Once again, to all the photographers out there, I do apologize about my photography skills. I am a Wallcovering Installer. We can’t all be good at everything  🙂

ranchBATH (22) ranchBATH (14) ranchBATH (13) ranchBATH (27) ranchBATH (24) ranchBATH (15) ranchBATH (10) ranchBATH (12)

A Bright Contemporary Entryway

This Houston home was built in the late 1970’s and not one wall was straight. Some of the smaller areas were off by an inch from the bottom width of the wall, to top of the door frame, making a geometric pattern quite a challenge to hang. I did use a few ‘tricks’ to compensate where possible. Overall the room looks amazing. A great choice in wallpaper to match their grey, painted, wood paneling in the den.

Not shown: I also hung this same material in two bookcase areas in the den. One area held their TV and the other had shelves. It added a bit of pizzaz to the fireplace wall it was on and tied the whole look together giving an older home the face lift it needed for this young couple.

Info: Thibaut wallcovering pattern named ‘Ikat’. Shown here in the grey and white colorway.

You can reach me at:  (Yes, their is an ‘a’ missing)

IMG_4423    2015-07-31 004  IMG_4420    IMG_4417

Mural Surrounded with Faux Weathered Plaster

This entryway went from ordinary painted walls to a

stunning masterpiece with an Old World feel!

The hand of God reaching out to Adam’s – (from Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’) is the centerpiece of the stairway wall. Surrounding it is a faux weathered Venetian style plaster. It was troweled on a bit more heavily than usual so we could see the depth of the plaster. 

A few days and many processes and applications later the area is no longer a generic entryway! The results were quite spectacular – extending around the corners, up over a doorway, then down the other side – framing out the entrance into the living area.  Unfortunately these photos do not show the depth of character and actual texture of the plaster. The overall appearance here is muted.

This room is definitely something that needs to be seen and experienced in person.

Questions? Need to schedule a consultation? You can scroll to the bottom of this post to contact me!

***Here is some of the finished area, but see below for more of the process***



First, center, and prepare wall area for the mural.IMG_0288

Beginning to apply first layer of the ‘plaster’ IMG_0292





Above:  One of several applications of paint, glaze or sealer.

Below: Notice that I applied the faux material to the wall plug cover, painting it to match the wall.





If you look closely you will see the blue undertones that show through slightly around the outside of the mural area. I also added some cracks in the plaster in various places. These are sculpted into the plaster and painted.

More photos to come ~ In the meantime


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Italian Mural Covered Art Niche


I recently hung a canvas mural in an Art Niche and then painted two areas to complete it. There will be a wood frame going up all around this making it look like a wonderful Artwork! The homeowner is also putting a small accent spotlight on the little hall ceiling to light it up.

The art niche had to be floated smooth first, then wet sanded, primed and blankstock was hung. Next I began to plan the placement of the canvas. This was hung with a heavy duty clay based adhesive.

The top portion I painted on a primed canvas, sealed it, then installed it. The bottom, extended portion of the scene, I painted on-site.

This canvas mural was very wide (but not much taller than the space). It had to be cut down and centered without compromising any of the scene. This was difficult because there were other trees on the sides we thought should be included but had to remove them.

All’s well that ends well however!  It came out PERFECT!

JD5a     JD6a


JD7a                    JD3a

JD4a                              JD8a


Once again please excuse my awful photography skills. We can’t be good at ‘EVERYTHING’ now can we?

Have a wonderful day ~


Paintable Wallcovering Over Wood Paneling


The Completed Room. There is wood paneling on all these walls!

This older home was ready for a facelift. The homeowners wanted to cover the wood paneling in the large living area, kitchen and breakfast areas with a paintable paper. The idea was to have the finished project look as though it was textured and painted AND have that texture match the existing paint texture. They had a vision and just needed a little help executing it.

After a long search for the perfect paper, then preparing the walls, installing the materials, and painting it all, the results were amazing! ~ Did I mention the homeowners painted it all themselves, including the trim and the high ceiling? – And they are a retired couple in their late 60’s?

Unfortunately my photos do not rise to the quality of my wallcovering installation skills…this is the best I can do with photography. Hopefully they are adequate enough to show the steps taken and the results.

These photos show the project from beginning to end. There were many steps taken in order to do it correctly and make sure the finished project would last many, many more years. Those steps included removing the window coverings and rods, removing all the plug covers, nails and pictures from the walls, washing down the paneling with ammonia, priming all of it with Draw Tite, floating the grooves, sanding and refloating the grooves (and any uneven areas of the panneling), then another coat of Draw Tite. Blankstock was hung assuring all was sound and smooth and giving me an awesome surface to hang over.

As a side note: This particular paper was thin, and once pasted, it was similar to hanging wet paper towels. It was so bad, my razor knife just caught it and shredded the edges instead of cutting it. I fought with it all the way around the room. The brick wall and fireplace were real challenges to cut around.


This is the room just as I was beginning to work.


A good look at the paneling

Floated Grooves

All the grooves had to be filled in.


Long wall, partly prepped.


Some blank stock wall liner is going up.

blankStck BrRoom

The Breakfast room below the chair rail is also panelling. Here it is with blankstock on it. Almost ready for the paintable wallcovering.


The paintable wallcovering is now up on this wall. This wallpaper is by ‘Brewster’.


Opposite wall has paper now.

This photo was sent to me by the homeowner, after they painted the wallpaper to match the existing paint on the surrounding walls. They even painted the wood trim all around the room. What an amazing difference!


Scenic Mural – Bay of Naples, by Dufour


This is a digital reproduction of “The Bay of Naples” by Dufour. The large painted mural exists in an historic home in New England. Artist Holly Alderman traveled there specifically to photograph it. She then digitally reproduced it in grisaille. Wallquest manufactured the large (untrimmed) custom panels which I installed in a home office.

The paint my client chose, gorgeously enhances the grisaille print and the chandelier is icing on the cake.

I am hoping to get photos of the room from my client, once it is all put back together and if so, I will post them here!

1 mural015 2015-01-18 002 2015-01-18 003 2015-01-18 004 2015-01-18 005 2015-01-18 006 2015-01-18 007 2015-01-18 008 2015-01-18 009 2015-01-18 011 2015-01-18 012 2015-01-18 013

Rustic Master Bath ~Horse Ranch~

 ~Horse Farm / Ranch, Master Bath~
When first entering the room it looked like a fairly simple job, with all short pieces above a wainscot. No fancy trim or rounded corners etc. WELL…
Here is what I had to deal with:
1. Chicken wire on all walls of main area (hung the long ways around the room in three sections: top, center & bottom) had to be removed.
2. A kazillion nail-gun staples were used to hang the chicken wire. Pliers were a must.
3. Fabric in Toilet area was glued on with 111. 
4. There was a TV, a deep shelf, (the vintage tub) and large hanging Chandelier in the way of the walls around the tub….No access.
5. The “Twig” light fixtures could not be removed. There was only a few inches between them and the wall.
6. The two 45″ X 22″ farmhouse sinks did not allow me to get to the walls over them.
7. There was a space about 10″ wide in the far corner of the room next to one of the sinks…I could not get my ladder in there.
8. All the main area walls were painted (roughly) with lime green enamel paint 🙂
9. The cabinets were FULL of toiletries which they were to remove and place in 14 X 14 ‘room’ called the closet.
10. On the last day they cleared it out and placed everything in both sinks and the tub.   *I had to then use a couple of buckets (& the toilet tank) for rinse water. 
I hung a Ralph Lauren Wallcovering in both areas and the cabinets. Blankstock was also hung.
My client was so nice. It was a peaceful place to work with gorgeous views. I had easy access and no one was there. 
However, when I was done, the PAINTERS came in and started to get the room ready to repaint all the cabinets, trim and everything in there – around where I had just papered.
They told me they were going to spray some of it and hand paint some…
I hope they are very careful.
I will try and get some final pictures of this room when it is all put back together and with the new beige paint!
~ I’ll see you all later with my next ‘Sticky Situation” ~
Wallcovering Installation By Michelle
I am a proud member of the Wallcovering Installers Association

 1ChickenWireWalls     MBHorseRanch (24)IMG_3476    IMG_3482   IMG_3529     IMG_3490  IMG_3499      IMG_3489    MBHorseRanch (36) IMG612    MBHorseRanch (18) MBHorseRanch (3)    IMG_3576 IMG_3570   IMG_3567 IMG_3565   IMG_3558 IMG_3556    IMG_3555 IMG_3553    IMG_3552 IMG_3546   

What a difference Wallcovering makes!

Just make sure you hire a professional to do yours. It will save you a lot of headaches…and money!

Visit to find one in your area