by Michelle



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I am a professional wallcovering installer who also happens to be an artist.
My work area is in-and-around Cypress Texas. 

Besides hanging paper, I hand paint murals and have done decorative painting techniques such as faux plaster. I started hanging paper as an apprentice, learning from two women who were both perfectionists. Installing wallcoverings is a craft which is dying and that makes me sad. I am hoping more young people discover this trade and embrace it.
It is a very rewarding career in every way!
I began painting as a child and was supposed to go to a prestigious art school in Boston, but my life took a sharp turn (which I don’t regret).

The art of wallcovering installation it is a constant learning experience. In order to keep up with new techniques and materials I became a member of the the Wallcoverings Installers Association.

The WIA is a community of wallcovering installers and association members; (the people and companies who supply materials, tools, and services that paperhangers use every day). WIA members are manufacturers, distributors, retailers, architects, designers, removers and trade specialists as well as wallcovering installers. It is where we all go to exchange ideas and enhance our knowledge.

There are many tricks of the trade to remember. Once you get them all mastered, new tricks are discovered, new products are created, new materials are made, and the learning never ends. Each wallcovering and each wall situation will have different applications, so mastering one will not necessarily allow you to hang a different type paper in another area. You may have a nonwoven to hang in a cut up kitchen with three old layers of  paper on the walls, a digital mural in a Doctor’s waiting room on a wall that was heavily textured or maybe you are looking at new sheetrock and have grasscloth to install in a dining room. There are too many scenarios to list.

Trying to install your own material in today’s environment of constantly changing substrates,  delicate materials, wide array of adhesives, and priming or prepping products, is just a huge challenge for most people. If you want to ensure it is done right and your investment will last – it is important to find a seasoned professional who has lots of references.

If you are looking for an experienced, conscientious paperhanger or just some answers to your upcoming job, send me a message below. I look forward to hearing from you!


My Facebook page can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/WIbyMichelle

And on Houzz ~
Search: Wallcovering Installation By Michelle (Pro)

I can be reached via my email:

*Lacking time, I no longer keep my social media page photos updated. I have many there for reference to some of my work and skills.

I am a proud past member of the WIA:
Wallcovering Installers Association   
*Formerly the NGPP (National Guild of Professional Paperhangers)


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