by Michelle


After several decades installing wallcoverings and murals (as well as hand-painting murals) in and around the Houston and Cypress, Texas area, I am having to alter my career.
~ In other words, I’m getting older.
I will no longer be prepping walls and installing wallpaper ~ but I am not totally abandoning ‘wallcovering installation’.
I am, however, having to venture beyond that and will be offering a different, unique set of related services.
I know wallpaper is still very much in demand and, at the same time, installers are hard to find. That will be a small part of this.
It will take me a while to get my website changed up and some additional things worked out. Please check back to see where I am going with this.
Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised AND you may save money!

(That part should intrigue some people, especially after seeing the prices of wallpaper and installation lately.)

Talk soon!

I am not on FB any longer, but my old Facebook page can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/WIbyMichelle

And on Houzz.com ~
Search: Wallcovering Installation By Michelle (Pro)

I can be reached via my email:

*Lacking time, I no longer keep my social media page photos updated. I have many there for reference to some of my work and skills.

I am a proud past member of the WIA:
Wallcovering Installers Association   
*Formerly the NGPP (National Guild of Professional Paperhangers)

WIA logo


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