Faux Stone Using Paintable Wallpaper

 When a wall becomes a conversation piece.

I previously applied the heavy texture to this art niche then painted and glazed it. Painting on a few cracks, and etching them into the finish, made it look more like aging plaster. I think it came out pretty amazing as it was.

Recently I was asked to come back and add the faux stone edge around it.
WOW – doesn’t it make the whole space pop?
I have posted the ‘before’ photo so you can let me know what you think. 

Note: There is a large painting that goes in the center of this area. It looks incomplete without it, but please imagine the space as being full –

The ‘stone’ is made of paintable wallpaper. The full technique was taught to me by a very talented colleague of mine from the Wallcovering Installers Association, Bonnye Manning.
Each piece is hand-painted and hand-cut to fit the space. The ‘grout’ is painted on and then the pieces are hung. More color can be added, as pieces are put up, in order to get just the right look.
When it is completely dry, a sealer is applied.

I know the homeowner’s will be enjoying this for many years to come.
…And when they are ready for a change, it will be much easier to do than changing out real stone.





2 thoughts on “Faux Stone Using Paintable Wallpaper

  1. Joy

    Michelle it looks so nice..I love it..but then you knew i would..I like my kitchen done like this..you are so talented..


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