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Scenic Mural – Bay of Naples, by Dufour


This is a digital reproduction of “The Bay of Naples” by Dufour. The large painted mural exists in an historic home in New England. Artist Holly Alderman traveled there specifically to photograph it. She then digitally reproduced it in grisaille. Wallquest manufactured the large (untrimmed) custom panels which I installed in a home office.

The paint my client chose, gorgeously enhances the grisaille print and the chandelier is icing on the cake.

I am hoping to get photos of the room from my client, once it is all put back together and if so, I will post them here!

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An Old Mural – My First

From about the age of nine I have painted many different art projects including portraits, still life, scenery and even contemporary pieces. I have dabbled in all mediums but prefer acrylics.

When I was about twenty seven, I decided to start painting murals. I recently found a couple of photographs of the first large mural I painted back in 1979. Sadly they have faded and discolored with age. A problem with painting murals is you can not take them with you and a picture may be the only reference you have of your work. And these pictures are only about 5″ X 5″.

I tried to correct them myself with my existing computer software but I will need a professional to truly bring out the best and save them for me. I would like to get them saved in a larger size.

If anyone reading this can give me an idea where t go to have these restored I would greatly appreciate it. The first two are how my original pictures look now. The others are pictures after I tried to correct the colors and sharpness.

Original, untouched mural photos from 1979    VirgoMural2


I tried to sharpen the photo but it made my artwork look bad, especially the eyes.

I tried to sharpen the photo but it made my artwork look bad, especially the eyes.

After I tried to 'correct' the color.

After I tried to ‘correct’ the color.