I recently enjoyed some time painting this mural in a hall bathroom. I was given no instructions and full artistic freedom to do what I wished. After working in their home many times over the years, I knew them well enough so it was pretty easy to figure out what direction I was going in; they all liked the beach, Hawaii, & tropical places. Another fact I kept in mind was that the bathroom was used mainly by their teenage daughter.

The first thing I had to do, was remove a lot of very heavy, faux plaster, texture which I had put on the walls the year before. I left some of it as a base to add depth and character to the scene.

With a kazillion ideas popping into my head, I began with no clear plan. However, the scene started to come together as I painted. It was completed using several different artistic styles in order to work a little quicker. I wanted to remain and paint forever, but they needed to use the room, and I had other work to get to. Once the artwork was complete, every square inch was sealed with a semi-gloss protective finish. You can see this in the light reflecting off my flash when I took some of the pictures.

So enjoy the results of this quiet, private, tropical getaway; and if you happen to visit at just the right time, you may just see a mermaid or two!

*I am truly in heaven when I paint…especially with no restrictions! The whole family has always been so outgoing, warm and easy to work for, making this ‘job’ more like a family visit – all while doing what I love
~If you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it, please share, pin or ‘like’ it.
Thanks for visiting,   Michelle

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fullsizerender 6

The panorama at the bottom of the next set of photos, did not come out the way it should have because I had to step back as I turned around. The room was not large enough. However it does give some idea how the whole scene is connected.  A portion of the mirror wall is missing, but enough shows to see the middle and bottom area of the mural. The first, or top panorama is part of the top section of the mural. There 1 1/2 of the walls missing, including one of the palm trees.


*I am working off my iPad since my computer died. (I am in the process of getting one built.) I can not tell if the colors of this mural are showing up true, like I can on my PC. Hopefully it won’t be long before I get the replacement desktop, because I have months of work to post, and I’m not enjoying working with photos here.  😦


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