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Mural Surrounded with Faux Weathered Plaster

This entryway went from ordinary painted walls to a

stunning masterpiece with an Old World feel!

The hand of God reaching out to Adam’s – (from Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’) is the centerpiece of the stairway wall. Surrounding it is a faux weathered Venetian style plaster. It was troweled on a bit more heavily than usual so we could see the depth of the plaster. 

A few days and many processes and applications later the area is no longer a generic entryway! The results were quite spectacular – extending around the corners, up over a doorway, then down the other side – framing out the entrance into the living area.  Unfortunately these photos do not show the depth of character and actual texture of the plaster. The overall appearance here is muted.

This room is definitely something that needs to be seen and experienced in person.

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***Here is some of the finished area, but see below for more of the process***



First, center, and prepare wall area for the mural.IMG_0288

Beginning to apply first layer of the ‘plaster’ IMG_0292





Above:  One of several applications of paint, glaze or sealer.

Below: Notice that I applied the faux material to the wall plug cover, painting it to match the wall.





If you look closely you will see the blue undertones that show through slightly around the outside of the mural area. I also added some cracks in the plaster in various places. These are sculpted into the plaster and painted.

More photos to come ~ In the meantime


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An Old Mural – My First

From about the age of nine I have painted many different art projects including portraits, still life, scenery and even contemporary pieces. I have dabbled in all mediums but prefer acrylics.

When I was about twenty seven, I decided to start painting murals. I recently found a couple of photographs of the first large mural I painted back in 1979. Sadly they have faded and discolored with age. A problem with painting murals is you can not take them with you and a picture may be the only reference you have of your work. And these pictures are only about 5″ X 5″.

I tried to correct them myself with my existing computer software but I will need a professional to truly bring out the best and save them for me. I would like to get them saved in a larger size.

If anyone reading this can give me an idea where t go to have these restored I would greatly appreciate it. The first two are how my original pictures look now. The others are pictures after I tried to correct the colors and sharpness.

Original, untouched mural photos from 1979    VirgoMural2


I tried to sharpen the photo but it made my artwork look bad, especially the eyes.

I tried to sharpen the photo but it made my artwork look bad, especially the eyes.

After I tried to 'correct' the color.

After I tried to ‘correct’ the color.