Revisiting The Horse Farm’s Master Bath

A while ago I posted some photos of a job I had finished at a Horse Farm near me.

The room originally had glossy, lime green paint on the upper third of the walls and was covered with chicken wire. In farm-house fashion and with the bead board below, it was an eclectic mix of kitsch and country.

Here is the link to those pictures:

When I began tearing off the chicken wire and needed my wire cutter…and work gloves (which I had left at home), I REALLY began to think it should not be changed out.

Well, the deed was done and the new Ralph Lauren paper went up. Because it was an Equestrian themed paper it definitely fit the décor and gave the space a more formal feel.

It is sometimes difficult to see the whole ‘picture’ when everything in the room is still in disarray, but this is how I usually walk off a job. The furniture is put back, the window treatments rehung and all the accessories are displayed after I am gone.

When they called me back to measure for some more work recently, I asked the homeowner’s permission to take some pictures of the room all dressed out. I am so glad I got to share these because she is an awesome decorator – worthy of Southern Living Magazine – don’t you think?

Once again, to all the photographers out there, I do apologize about my photography skills. I am a Wallcovering Installer. We can’t all be good at everything  🙂

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