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Phillip Jeffrie’s Grass in Master Bath


My client knew exactly what paper she wanted for her bright and spacious master bath – all she had to do was find it!
After a bit of searching and a lot of research, she ordered some samples. Going back and forth between two different products, she eventually decided on this gorgeous Phillip Jeffrie’s natural textured material.

The main target was to tie the master bath in with the bird’s-egg-blue that was a main color in the master bedroom. I am a little disappointed these photos of the completed job do not show that blue very well – even so, the character and warmth of the material made this area look amazing.

I have to admit this was also the most challenging job I have done in some time.

Here is a list of a few of those challenges:
1. Getting adhesive on the front of this particular material can stain it, so working clean, with dry hands, is a necessity.

2. Even after pasting the material and letting it sit to relax, it was too stiff to bend.
3. ~This also means it was difficult to cut.
4. Templates had to be made for the pieces that went around the trim at the windows.
5. Engineering the layout of the material for the three areas was time consuming.
6. Because it is made of grasses, bamboo, sisal etc, shading is to be expected.
This is referred to as ‘paneling’ by designers and installers.
Some natural materials ‘panel’ more than others, but it is not a flaw at all.
People love grasscloth for the inherent natural beauty of the product and choose it for the distinct beauty of a natural textured wallcovering, which can not be replicated with manmade materials.
1aFB GrassclothCover

The Biggest Challenge:   
7. There were nine (9) bullnose corners, and an arched doorway: See number 2.

…The rattan and bamboo in the “grasscloth” would NOT bend, let alone bend and stay adhered to the rounded edges and corners.

Determination, my magic wand, and a few [mild] expletives, helped me make this job a success!   😉



BEFORE                                                     AFTER

*As a footnote I want to add that the homeowner experimented, then used a protective spray on this material where her towels may touch the walls.  It is totally undetectable.

CKs-BeforePics_ (4)   BEFORE

IMG_4486                                                                                              AFTER



CindyKret (60)CindyKret (62)



PJ Grass ck2

PJ rounded cornersCindyK-lg10A
My colleagues will understand  🙂












Remodel of Previous Posted Job Is Complete

Gray paint, black granite and glass tiles give stunning results to this bathroom update. These photos were taken when I went back to repair several areas and replace some of the paper on a job I had previously posted here on my Blog.

The homeowners were aware the paper should go up last but were not sure when, or if they were going to change out the tile and countertop. Because of this I did make sure they ordered slightly more paper than needed.

So a few weeks later I got a call. It seems like they decided to change the tile and the counter right after I installed the paper 🙂

When I walked back into this bathroom I was in awe at the difference!
I love the color they painted the cabinets…LOVE the glass tile, and…well, just everything!
It is a remarkable change for such a small space.
Check out the before photos by clicking on the link below.
You will see the original paper ~ and then this paper, but it was definitely not this gorgeous!

To get to the original ‘before’ post, click on the underlined heading below.

Let me know what YOU think!
Until next time,



I recently got to work for a lovely older couple who wanted to change out their aging master bath wallcovering.
After removing the existing paper and border, then preparing the walls, I hung a liner to insure a smooth, fresh surface to hang on.
It has been a while since I’ve hung a Moire and it was a very easy installation.
Although the wall color is darker now, the bright lighting combined with all the other light surfaces, allow the solid color walls to pop.
It looks like a brand new master bath!



Teal and Gold Powder Bath

I loved this paper so much I may hang it in a room in my own home. The dark paper was the original paper.
Although there was some prep work, I did not have to worry about much of it because the homeowner removed all the existing paper and took down the lights and other things from the walls. He did an amazing job, I must add. I then repaired some areas and primed the walls.
The paper went up beautifully although my photos do not capture the finished look as well as I had wished.

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