Residential Wallpaper Job with Photos.

Last week I hung some vinyl wallcovering in a powder bathroom that was a slightly tight space.

The room was 9′ tall but only 3′ wide making it a bit of a dilemma when trying to reach over a cabinet. My short ladder was not tall enough but I could open it fully in the room. The 6′ ladder was the perfect height but I could not open it up to get up onto it. I also needed to get the ladder over the commode so I would be closer to the wall over the back cabinet. To add to this, the sink was a free standing one which means I had to get up under it and cut the paper all around the pipes and plumbing, making sure it looked as though I had not done that! Wrapping the window with a vinyl material would be the least of my problems in here.

Unlike the vinyl used for commercial jobs, this material was half the width at 27″ wide and a double roll bolt can cover anywhere from 52 square feet to 60 square feet on average. Commercial vinyls are ordered by the linear yards.

It was a gorgeous silver color and I was anxious to see the room completed. The rustic floor tiles appeared to be slate and was a mixture of rust, browns and grays.

In the end, I managed to squeeze myself onto a semi-closed 6′ ladder and made sure I still had room not to hit the walls with my tool pouch.

I  got the room completed in a short amount of time. I think it came out beautiful.

This couple knows how to pick paper that will go with just about any decor!

2576 small

Old paper was removed before the new material is installed. Back is taken off commode.

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Of course I had to have a bit of a problem! It just would not be a day in my wallpapering life without some sort of distraction. This is how a bolt of it looked when I opened it. It was manageable only because the material had no pattern that had to be matched.

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These photos do not accurately show the beautiful ‘silvery’ finish on this vinyl. It was really a lovely look.

2589 small

…and UNDER the sink. My favorite place besides behind and under the commode 🙂

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